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Bicycle sales almost a lost cause

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/City/Pune/Cycles-were-once-Punes-local-trains/articleshow/32931301.cms At Appa Balwant Chowk in the heart of Pune city, tucked between stores is Kulkarni Cycle Mart, which has remained the area’s landmark for over nine decades. The shop’s entrance proudly displays the ‘established in 1926′ tag, and continues to do business in a city that once loved its bicycles, but has moved on…. Read More ›

Cycling Carnival Underway in Pune

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/pune/Cycling-carnival-back-in-Kalyaninagar/articleshow/31564248.cms Come Sunday and Kalyaninagar will come alive with the happy shrieks of cyclists, fitness enthusiasts and families who will be out on the streets for a few hours of unadulterated fun at the fourth edition of ‘Raahein – Joy of Cycling’, a Times of India campaign to promote cycling. On March 9, roads along… Read More ›

PMC’s cycle track back on track?

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-07-09/pune/40468101_1_bicycle-plan-the-pmc-draft-plan After failing to implement a pilot project for use of bicycles in the last three years, the Pune Municipal Corporation now wants to start afresh by laying a comprehensive bicycle plan. The PMC has rubbished claims that the pilot project has been junked. In fact, civic officials say the project is at an advanced… Read More ›

Poor Construction and Maintenance of Pune’s Cycle Tracks

http://m.indianexpress.com/news/86-hurdles-on-sinhagad-road-cut-down-cycling-speed/947179/ The Pune Municipal Corporation widened Sinhagad Road to implement the BRTS and alongwith it came the cycle tracks. However, the widened stretch instead of being used by citizens, is being used by vendors. In a survey conducted by Parisar of the 4.6-km cycle track on Sinhagad Road, PMC engineers found out that there were… Read More ›


About Walkability Asia

Improving walkability and pedestrian facilities is one of the less prioritized measures for sustainable urban transport by policymakers and development organizations. Clean Air Asia (formerly Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities) with support from various partners conducted walkability surveys in 27 Asian cities to better understand the state of walkability. The cities were Lanzhou, Hong Kong (China), Indore, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar,… Read More ›


Where are we to walk in the streets of Pune?

Where are we to walk in the streets of Pune Pune is a city of 4 million, and one of India’s fastest growing urban centers. 37 percent of all trips are done by walking but pedestrians have become sidelined in the haze of this mechanical jungle where vehicles take public spaces.



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