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The revitalised Cheonggyecheon Greenway By: lensfodder via Flickr

Time to push the reverse gear

The urban highways are being dismantled in several cities across the world. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a pioneer of this concept. In 2003, an expressway in the city’s Central Business District (CBD) was demolished to reclaim a natural creek Cheonggyecheon. It was found that though the expressway served the mobility needs of the burgeoning car owners,… Read More ›

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The Life and Death of Urban Highways

A new report jointly produced by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and EMBARQ, The Life and Death of Urban Highways, re-appraises the specific conditions under which it makes sense to build urban highway and when it makes sense to tear them down. This report chronicles the stories of five very different cities that… Read More ›



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