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Pedestrian Survey

Pedestrian interviews are also conducted to capture the views and preferences of pedestrians. A short questionnaire on social characteristics and walkability preferences is designed based on discussions with experts and policymakers. The surveyors completed the questionnaire during the interviews and used local language to improve respondents’ comprehension of the questions.

Pedestrians are interviewed in different cities and are asked to rate the walkability of a specific area, to describe what makes a good pedestrian environment, as well as to identify specific improvements that they would want in their walking environments.

The minimum sample size is 50 respondents per area, and the actual number of respondents is influenced by resources available, outdoor conditions and willingness of the people to be interviewed.

Finally, interviews are held with several public agencies and current policies and guidelines in the selected cities and countries are reviewed.

This is an important component because while there are many reasons for the current state of the walking environment in Asian cities but the main ones are related to policies, institutions and allocation of financial resources. While current policies and guidelines for pedestrians in these cities are reviewed to identify strengths and gaps, the survey does not provide a comprehensive analysis of the current design guidelines for pedestrian facilities in surveyed countries and cities.

Download the Pedestrian Survey Form here.

Download the Stakeholder Survey Form here.


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