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Bi-directional pedestrian crossings in Sri Lanka

Colombo, like many emerging cities in Asia is plagued with the ills of overcrowding, ad-hoc developments and chaotic systems of travel and transport. Once considered one of the best cities in Asia, its walkable streetshave been inundated with obstructions to the pedestrians and Colombo has increasingly become a city inwhich walking is a hazardous activity. In the current interest in transforming Colombo to a more liveable grace-ful city, a new improved and efficient, bi-directional type of pedestrian road crossing has being painted in Galle Road recently in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Here is a photo of that zebra crossing in Galle Road and other byroads in Colombo, Kollupitiya area.

This pedestrian crossing is more broad than the normal zebra crossings in Sri lanka and is marked with bi-directional arrows. According to the markings, pedestrians should keep to the left zebra lines when crossing allowing the right side zebra lines for pedestrians coming from the opposite side.

“Bi-directional” pedestrian crossings so that pedestrians won’t bump into each other (Sri Lanka News Online)

Uncontrolled crossings are sufficient outside of urban areas, but a modern city cannot manage with these (Sri Lanka News Online)

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