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Enhancing Walkability in the City of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

In the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the new initiative “Enhancing Walkability in the city of Yogyakarta” (EWCY) was launched early October 2011 by GIZ /SUTIP and KPBB – Indonesian Lead Phase–Out Committee. The objective was to improve aspects of safety and convenience of pedestrian and non- motorized transport (NMT) facilities and to encourage the community to take action on improving the walkability in their city.

The progress of the EWCY movement is expected to be seen from the shift of paradigms within the communities related to their rights on public space, respecting each other as road users and pedestrian facilities‘ improvements, both physically as well as regulatory. The activities, which included in this movement, are: (i) EWCY will work on engineering  the communities at 14 districts in the city of Yogyakarta using advocacy processes and people‘s empowerment for policy reforms on pedestrian and NMT facilities improvements, (ii) The walkability map based on criteria of a walkability index will give evidence on the situation, show obstacles and shortages and identify feasible improvement activities, (iii) A stakeholder forum is established focusing on walking, bicycling and public transport; and (iv) Public outreach efforts are conducted to promote better pedestrian and NMT facilities (includes: press conferences, media/field campaigns, and hearing/formal-informal meetings).

Bui Thi Nhung assisted in the implementation of the walkability study in Yogyakarta in her capacity as a participant under the Clean Air and Blue Skies Asia Exchange Program managed by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities. Her home organization is the Vietnam Clean Air Partnership (a CAI-Asia Country Network) and she is hosted in Indonesia by KPBB (a CAI-Asia Partnership Member) for ten months as part of the exchange program.

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