Walk Tall!

Improving Walkability

Good practice guidance on improving pedestrian  conditions as part of development opportunities

This guide is aimed at local authority officers, elected members, developers and their agents. It is intended for those involved in  formulating planning policies, considering future improvements to a site or area, and assessing development proposals. It should also be used by developers when preparing  planning applications.

This guide highlights the importance of securing high quality improvements to the walking environment, including all streets and spaces that are used by the public, and shows how new developments provide opportunities to achieve such improvements.

It is a good practice guide to improving what may be termed the ‘walkability’ of the streets, squares and spaces that make up the public realm.

Walkability is a measure of the extent to which the public realm provides for movement and other activity on foot in ways that are both efficient and enjoyable.

The ‘walkability’ of a place can be characterised by the ‘5Cs’, which is that walking networks and facilities should be Connected, Convivial, Conspicuous, Comfortable and Convenient(see panel, page 21). These principles can assist with assessing and negotiating proposals through the Development Control process, especially if they form part of adopted plans and policies.

Developers can also make use of these principles in drawing up development proposals and related access arrangements.

Download Improving Walkability here.

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