Walk Tall!

Bloopers with tactile paving

Lack of knowledge on using and placement of tactile pavers leads to such situations as seen in the photographs near the Chennai Central Railway Station. Most consider the yellow tiles as a color contrast to the red tiles and end up placing them in the most erroneous ways possible. The yellow tiles should be laid clear of all obstructions and the lines should be placed parallel to the movement which will guide a person with a stick to ‘feel’ the way though. At crossings or at turn points warning tiles should be placed which are again absent here. Clearly, sensitization and capacity building for civic agencies should be taken up immediately if a city has to be made friendly to its people. 


Tiles aligned across the path. Not sure how people are expected to navigate. Sideways perhaps?


One can avoid the temple and bump into the wall


The tiles could have been placed a metre to the right!

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