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Utter Disregard for Pedestrian Signals


The move was meant to help pedestrians cross roads at junctions. But due to lack of awareness on the part of motorists and absence of policemen to ensure vehicles are stopped, the concept of ‘All Red Signals’ is not working at all at three junctions where the new system is being tried out. For some inexplicable reasons, no traffic junction in the State capital has a facility to stop vehicles to facilitate pedestrians cross the roads.

However, the traffic police did make a beginning when they wanted to try out the ‘all red signals’ at three junctions – LV Prasad Marg, Jubilee Hills Check post and HITECH City Junction. At these junctions, all signals turn red for a few seconds to allow pedestrians to cross the road. A buzzer would also sound for this duration to alert motorists about the crossing pedestrians.

But buzzer or no buzzer! The recalcitrant ‘Hyderabadi’ motorists seem to be oblivious of the new initiative. While rules stipulate that one should drive ahead only when a green light comes up, most of the motorists keenly follow the signals on opposite sides and race ahead once rest of the sides get red signals. In this melee, many seem to have lost the import of the unfamiliar buzz and ‘all red signals’.


“Not many of us know about this concept. Till date, we are only aware that at least one side will have a green signal and countdown timers placed in some junctions were reliable guides. How can we fathom that there could be a possibility of having all red signals,” J. Rajesh Kumar, a motorist, questions.

The police personnel are also conspicuously absent from the roads to imposing this new initiative. “If the authorities are initiating a new concept then they have to educate people before implementing it,” another motorist said.

Traffic authorities, however, said that the concept will be implemented across the city soon. “The ‘All Red Signal’ concept will be a part of the upcoming Hyderabad Traffic Integrated Management System (HTRIMS) project and will be implemented in all junctions once the new system comes up,” a senior police official said. Once the new signal system is in place, policemen will be positioned to educate the motorists, he added.

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