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Councillor seeks to protect pedestrians


Motorists within San Juan City will soon be obliged to stop as people pass at pedestrian lanes.

Draft Ordinance No. 1 Series of 2013 or An Ordinance Requiring All Vehicles To Stop Before Traversing A Pedestrian Lane With People Crossing Therein And Providing Penalties For Violations, was recently filed by 1st District City Councilor lawyer Angelo Agcaoili who said that the safety of people crossing at pedestrian lanes must be ensured at all times.

The ordinance was unanimously passed by the City Council last January 28 and is scheduled for third and final reading on February 4. It states that all individuals driving motorized vehicles must stop before pedestrian lanes if at least one person is crossing it.

However, if the pedestrian lane is located where there are traffic lights, individuals are not allowed to cross it when the green light for vehicles is lit. They can only do so when a traffic enforcer manning the street allows it.

“Pedestrian lanes in our country seem to be just decorative white stripes on the road and drivers do not even care to stop even if people are crossing or attempting to cross,” Agcaoili said. “Drivers of vehicles even blow their horns at people trying to cross in a pedestrian lane. This culture has to be changed. Our pedestrians must be encouraged to use our pedestrian lanes knowing that vehicles will stop when they are crossing the lanes.”

Agcaoili added that the San Juan City Traffic Code penalizes jaywalking which is why a stiffer penalty must be imposed on drivers who fail to stop at a pedestrian lane with at least one person trying to cross it.

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