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In Bangalore 47% of Road Accident Victims are Pedestrians


With nearly 50% of accidents involving pedestrians, the traffic police will focus on being more pedestrian-friendly this year. For the record, of the 755 accident victims in the city during 2012, 354 were pedestrians. Unscientific road crossing, footpath riding and parking by vehicles, and negligent driving are said to be the main causes behind the deaths of innocent pedestrians.

As a first step, the traffic police will monitor school vehicles, making sure the driver is an experienced one with a valid driving license. Additional commissioner of police (traffic) MA Saleem said they would increase the timing for pedestrian crossings at traffic signals.

He was speaking at the concluding ceremony of the 24th National Road Safety Week. “We pay maximum attention while transporting school children. At present, pedestrians have 10 seconds to cross a road at traffic signals. This will be increased to 15 seconds,” Saleem said.

Tackling footpath riding and parking will be one among various initiatives, he added.

“Footpath riding and parking forces pedestrians to step on to the road. This sometimes ends in road accidents. We shall act sternly against footpath riders and parking. Repeated offenders may lose their driving licences,” he said.

One in every five Bangaloreans owns a car, and vehicular population is set to go up to 1.3 crore by 2030.

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