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Poor Construction and Maintenance of Pune’s Cycle Tracks


The Pune Municipal Corporation widened Sinhagad Road to implement the BRTS and alongwith it came the cycle tracks. However, the widened stretch instead of being used by citizens, is being used by vendors.

In a survey conducted by Parisar of the 4.6-km cycle track on Sinhagad Road, PMC engineers found out that there were at least 86 hurdles on the cycle track that were causing inconvenience to users.

A visit to the Sinhagad Road also shows the sub-standard work done by the civic body. Three locations have completely been transformed from cycle tracks to vegetable markets. The illegal parking of two-wheelers and four-wheelers on the track also block the free movement of bicylcles.

“The PMC has put up boards of cycle tracks at various places, but in reality the tracks cannot be used as they are encroached upon. It is disappointing that the PMC has been unable to maintain cycle tracks for the public,” said Vijay Bote, a resident of Sinhagad Road.

The PMC decision to construct cycle tracks encouraged Bote to purchase a cycle for his son. “No one would want their children to use the cycle tracks as they have not been constructed and maintained properly. The cycle tracks are not continuous and encroached upon.”

Pratik Jadhav, a student who used to cycle to his tution classes everyday, has stopped cycling as he finds it difficult to cycle on Sinhagad Road. “The cycle track plan is nothing but a farce. There is no continuity of cycle tracks. Often the two wheelers jump on the cycle track if there is a traffic jam on the road. There is no one to take action against them.”

Among the main hurdles include electric pole, hawkers and vendors, hoardings, lamp post, no signage at start point, PMPML bus stops, surface repair, telephone, electrical box, traffic signal post and trees.

At several spots, the cycle tracks are missing. Civic officials said the cycle tracks is missing in some locations as the road is not wide enough. “The drive to remove encroachment is taken up regularly to make the cycle track available for public use,” he said.

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