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TOD to Promote Mass Transport and NMT in New Delhi


With pilot projects along four metro corridors and another pilot project near Karkardooma getting in-principal approval for the first phase of transit-oriented development (TOD), the UTTIPEC (Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure Planning and Engineering Centre) on Thursday kick-started its efforts to develop a vision and strategy to ensure successful implementation of its ambitious plans for a mass-rapid transport system in the Capital.

The UTTIPEC, which is a division of the Delhi Development Authority, will conduct at least 25 workshops in the months ahead focusing on the metro corridors between Chattarpur to Arjangarh and Peeragarhi to Teekri Kalan. The workshops will aim to raise awareness about the TOD policy and incorporate the concerns that various stakeholders like the DMRC, DTC, private transporters, road-owning agencies, private developers, NGOs, RWAs and other experts are bound to have about the system.

In presentations made on Thursday, UTTIPEC planners emphasised that the TOD system would hinge on building a transport system friendly to walkers, cyclists and women, and would make public transport the first choice of travel for all sections of society.

The TOD aims to build mass-rapid transport hubs that will have an inner zone of 300 metres radius called the intense-zone that will give preference to high-density mixed use development, pedestrians and non-motorised transport, and two more concentric zones of 800 metres and 2 km with high-density street network and equitable distribution of road space.

The workshops will develop strategy and plans on nine themes including the visualising of the TOD-based development, economic feasibility and market testing, strategy for sustainable infrastructure, strategy for incentivising redevelopment, strategy for effective parking, transfer of development rights and its implementation, strategy for sustainable transport infrastructure, and a strategy for rolling out the TOD.

A design competition will also be held for selecting models for retrofitting, redevelopment and green-field development that will be exhibited across the city which will then be subjected to extensive testing.

Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna said the current state of affairs where all streets and roads are being dominated by motorists was not sustainable. “Delhi is facing a severe requirement of highly-professional approach. Right now the plans and concepts are right. If implementing agencies are committed, we can bring a positive transformation to the city.”

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