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Campaign for better footpaths in Hyderabad

The Right to Walk Foundation (R2W) has launched a campaign for better footpaths and crossings in Hyderabad. Led by Kanthi Kannan, R2W carried out audits of stretches 1) Between Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, Mehdipatnam 2) Road No 1 and 12 junction to road no 92, Banjara Hills check post road no. 1 and 10.

While the status report of the civic agencies classify the stretches as ‘in progress’ and ‘completed’ the status on the ground shows a different picture altogether.  The GHMC has laid out certain technical specifications for footpaths but they are clearly not being followed.

The walkability survey for Road number 1, Banjara Hills revealed that,

  1. Many stretches had no footpaths
  2. A few  stretches that had footpaths that were occupied by parked vehicles
  3. Even if footpaths were available, they were of poor quality and in poor hygiene

A few pictures showing the sorry state of affairs,


Vehicles take over: near Vasan Dental Clinic


Near Punjagutta Junction


Vehicles occupy footpath, near Sarojini Devi Hospital


Poor hygiene condition: Near Balaji Bazaar


No Footpaths along Taj Banjara


2. The audit reveals that in the entire stretch from the junction of road number 1 and 12, there were hardly any footpaths; even footpath space was occupied by vehicles and in fact at one complex, there was a board stating that the place was for the customer parking;

At many places, there was debris and people were compelled to walk on the road


Dug up footpath leaves no space for pedestrians


Spot the footpath!


Spot the footpath again!


Parked vehicles forcing pedestrians to tread the road

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