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We express our love for the city through walking: A Delhi perspective

Walk tours in New Delhi attract a young generation that is rediscovering its backyards by walking through the city’s bylanes.


KLODB members walk through the Mehrauli Archeological Park in Delhi

In a warm morning late March this year, a group of young women and men assembled at the Mehrauli Archeological Park in New Delhi to begin a four-hour walk through the 200-acre area next to the famous Qutab Minar. The event organized by the Mehrauli branch of the socio-cultural organization Jansanskriti in association with KLODB, an amateur city group, marked the first phase of a three-phase walk tour through the historic surroundings of the monument-filled Mehrauli. “All those who join the walk tour are passionate about the history of Delhi and also passionate about walking,” says Sumanto Bhowmick, a member of KLODB, which was founded 16 years ago.


KLODB, acronym for Knowing and Loving Delhi Better, believes that walking is important to understand a city and its life. “We encourage walking because it is not practiced in Delhi where cars rule the city,” says Bhowmick. “Walking is a medium through which we express our love for the city,” he adds. During the walk, the group members discuss the history of the place besides interacting with the local residents. “Our walk is not only about the history or architecture of a place, but it is also about its trees, birds and the people living in the area,” says Bhowmick.


After their successful walk in March, the group members will return to Mehrauli in late August for the second and third phases of the event during which they will visit the Mehrauli village and the Qutab Minar complex. “Walking is the best way to see a city,” says Ayush, one of the founder members of KLODB. Ayush, who uses only his first name, says walking helps a person connect with a place and the people. “ He adds: “You are able to be more a part of the surroundings if you are walking. You always discover something new, or get a new perspective when you walk. “ The group uses the social media to inform about its walk tour events and has a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/enchanting.delhi. Its walks are a regular feature during the winter months, organising a walk tour every Sunday.

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