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Reduced daylight, greater risk for pedestrians


Published on 3 Novemebr 2013

Police say that both pedestrians and drivers should take extra care in the days ahead, as they adjust to evening darkness arriving sooner than they are currently used to.

As of Monday morning, Toronto police will be conducting a six-day pedestrian safety blitz, zeroing in people who are committing traffic offences in pedestrian zones.

The blitz comes just hours after the clocks were rolled back, with police also reporting that the month of November “has traditionally been the month when pedestrians are involved in the most collisions.”

Police say that 31 pedestrians have lost their lives in Toronto this year, including 18 seniors.

Outside of Toronto, other police forces are also taking steps to remind the public about the need to be safe when driving or walking at this time of year.

Peel Regional Police Const. George Tudos says pedestrians should be wary of the factors at play when they are crossing streets and roads.

“Always be wary of the vehicles on the roadway and even when you think it’s safe to cross the street, just do a double-check, because sometimes things change in an instant,” Tudos said.

Tudos said pedestrians are reminded to cross at controlled intersections and to consider turning off their cellphone, which can be a distraction.

But drivers also need to stay sharp, particularly as they head home in rush hour, with less daylight around.

“It is harder for us as drivers to see pedestrians and it’s also harder for pedestrians to see the vehicles, especially,” he said.

For drivers, Tudos said they should slow down at crosswalks and intersections, to ensure they are able to react to any unexpected or unseen pedestrians.



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