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Chennai: New policy towards zero pedestrian fatalaties


The Chennai Corporation Council on Tuesday approved a non-motorised transport (NMT) policy to promote walking, cycling, cycle rickshaws, pushcarts and other forms of mobility powered by humans.

The civic body has set a target of increasing the mode share for pedestrians and cyclists to at least 40 per cent by 2018. It will also implement policy decisions towards a reduction in the number of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities to zero per annum.

The public transport mode share is expected to be 60 per cent of motorised trips by 2018. While at least 80 per cent of streets will have footpaths in five years, at least 80 per cent of those with a right-of-way of over 30 metre will have an unobstructed, segregated, continuous cycle track of two-metre width, the draft policy stated.

The Corporation will also take initiatives to promote cycling and walking by creating a safe network of footpaths, cycle tracks, greenways and other facilities. Streets will be designed in accordance with the best in pedestrian-oriented, multi-modal designs, and will incorporate appropriate environmental planning and water management techniques.

The measures are expected to improve access and mobility, and promote social and economic empowerment through the provision of low-cost mobility and NMT facilities that are safe for women.

“Participation of residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the preparation of designs and standards will foster a sense of ownership of these NMT spaces,” said an official.

The Corporation will measure the effectiveness of the policy, using indicators such as mode share for pedestrians and cyclists, incidence of traffic crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists, footpath coverage, cycle track coverage, public transport mode share and private motor vehicle kilometres travelled. “The Corporation will ensure that at least 60 per cent of its existing transport budget is allocated to NMT infrastructure,” said an official.

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