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Happy Streets comes to Nashik Road

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nashik/Happy-Streets-comes-to-Nashik-Road/articleshow/46974387.cms

The fun and fitness event of Happy Streets is back, this time on Nashik Road, promising three hours of activities on a vehicle-free road on Sunday morning.
Participants can choose from a bouquet of activities ranging from Zumba to drumbeating, play or simply walk or workout on the Bytco Signal-Kothari Kanya School stretch from 7.30am to 9.30am. Happy Streets revolves around encouraging people to use non-motorised transport and create safe walking and cycling infrastructure across neighbourhoods.

A range of events have already been lined up on the 500-meter stretch on Jail Road, which includes a painting exhibition, volleyball by Nashik District Volleyball Association, classical dance, guitar performance, rangoli drawing, tattoo art, karate, live photography, calligraphy, display of Warali Art among others. Participants will also get an opportunity to learn the different types of Hasya Yoga, which would be presented by Nisarganand Hasya Club. Citizens said that while there are quite a few parks in residential colonies of Nashik Road, not many people visit them, with the exception of one near Muktidham. With Happy Streets coming to Nashik Road, residents are excited as it offers not just an open space but also to indulge in many activities that can be enjoyed by all groups.

Mukesh Pasbola of Nashik Road said, “We could not make to the Happy Streets on College Road, a couple of months ago, and it will be good to see such an event in our area. Children will be more than happy. The stretch chosen for the event is also apt.”
Kusum Bairagi, a school teacher said, “The event should be held every Sunday. After all, everybody wants a good healthy start to the day.”

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