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How Liveable Is Our Neighbourhood?

Civil society representatives meet in New Delhi for finding ways to change the course for a better quality of life in Indian cities In the western-Indian city of Pune, near Mumbai, residents of two wards (areas divided for administration under civic bodies) have tied up with civil society groups and architecture students to find out… Read More ›


A satire on the life of Dukhiram the doodwala (milk vendor) whose cycling and walking attempts are usurped by the rapid motorization and unsafe streets of Delhi

X Crossings: Will India ever see them?

The X Crossing or pedestrian scramble as it is called is required in India to give preference to pedestrians at major intersections in the country At the ITO intersection in Delhi situated a few hundred metres from the city police headquarters, crossing the road is a nightmare for pedestrians, who are forced to literally run… Read More ›



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