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Walkability Mobile App

Walkability Mobile App

How comfortable and safe a footpath or sidewalk is, determines it’s “Walkability”. Have you ever come across a street, which has broken sidewalks or footpaths, has no street lights, is too high to step on, has an open manhole – in simple words, it is unsafe?

CAI-Asia’s Walkability initiative now brings you a FREE to download and use App, which not only allows you to measure the Walkability of a street, but also lets you share the feedback with your friends and family. This is first of its kind in the world and the idea is to promote and communicate that safe walking is everyone’s right – irrespective of age, gender, education and background. Walk On!

Pedestrian-Friendly Streetscape in a Tropical Business District

Streets are the lifelines of a community. Choke them, and the place dies; deprive them of their nutrients and ailments will be prevalent. A characteristic of a good street community is having all the necessary elements that will make the users feel safe and comfortable. Pleasant surroundings, appropriate lighting and other well-designed street furniture plus… Read More ›


The Western-influenced street design concepts have failed to address problems uniquely experienced within Asian streets. This results in unsound solutions and overshadows the need to conserve our unique heritage. To achieve a sustainability-oriented mobility culture requires the revival of the Asian street culture based on the premise that the present space utilization is a consequence… Read More ›



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