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Time to push the reverse gear

The urban highways are being dismantled in several cities across the world. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a pioneer of this concept. In 2003, an expressway in the city’s Central Business District (CBD) was demolished to reclaim a natural creek Cheonggyecheon. It was found that though the expressway served the mobility needs of the burgeoning car owners,… Read More ›

Cebu (Philippines) Walkability photos

Majority of the streets have no facilities for disabled persons. A few road stretches have ramps for wheelchairs but not enough quality for good service. Almost all road stretches in the residential area have no pedestrian facility. On the old part of the city, such as the Osmeña Avenue and Colon St.,an arcade is present… Read More ›

Bi-directional pedestrian crossings in Sri Lanka

Colombo, like many emerging cities in Asia is plagued with the ills of overcrowding, ad-hoc developments and chaotic systems of travel and transport. Once considered one of the best cities in Asia, its walkable streetshave been inundated with obstructions to the pedestrians and Colombo has increasingly become a city inwhich walking is a hazardous activity…. Read More ›



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