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Road Sharing Scheme for Motorists and Pedestrians

http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/450691/road-sharing-scheme-for-motorists-pedestrians-urged#ixzz2ZnyD45yI Over 100 lawyers have threatened to sue government officials should they fail to implement within 30 days an environment-friendly road-sharing scheme that would favor the “carless people of the Philippines.” In a 13-page letter sent to government agencies, 126 lawyers from all over the country led by staunch environmental advocate Antonio Oposa Jr. demanded… Read More ›

Walkability Quotes

“Sri Lanka has pushed for road rehabilitation projects to recognize walkways for pedestrians.”   Don S. Jayaweera – Director General, Sri Lanka Ministry of Finance and Planning, Transportation Sector             “Those who have less in wheels should have more on roads.”   Atty. Antonio Oposa, Jr. – 2009 Ramon Magsaysay… Read More ›



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