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Walking and cycling network proposed for Ang Mo Kio

It will become easier to walk and cycle in Ang Mo Kio come 2018.  The Land Transport Authority and Urban Redevelopment Authority on Tuesday (Dec 30) announced preliminary plans to make the town more conducive for walking and cycling. Plans to pilot Ang Mo Kio as a walking and cycling town were first announced last… Read More ›

Relax Vancouver drivers you can handle another bike lane

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/commentary/relax-vancouver-drivers-you-can-handle-another-bike-lane/article13498165/ Why do bike lanes proposals create such reaction? From Wall Street Journal editorial writers to hundreds of Point Grey homeowners, the battles over bicycles have created unprecedented levels of passion. A ‘First-World’ problem, to be sure, but clearly something is going on – and it’s about more than just bicycles. It is, perhaps, a… Read More ›

Cebu City identifies locations for bike share

http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/444433/citom-picks-sites-to-set-up-bike-racks At least 24 areas in Cebu City have been identified as possible sites for bicycle racks to support a plan to put up bike lanes in some streets. The sites are public places, some government offices, and institutions, said Rafael Yap, Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (Citom) executive director. “These places (See Table) have… Read More ›



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