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A satire on the life of Dukhiram the doodwala (milk vendor) whose cycling and walking attempts are usurped by the rapid motorization and unsafe streets of Delhi

Pedestrian power to shape future cities

http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20131018-walk-to-work-transform-your-city/all 18 October 2013, By Alissa Walker  Modern city growth has been led by the car. But new walking apps – and maps that help journeys seem more walkable – may lead to healthier, happier urban environments. The most striking change to one of the largest cities on the planet can be seen easily from… Read More ›

Mapping a City Better for Cyclists and Walkers

Transport planners, architects, social NGOs, development agencies, students and teachers came together at the beautiful Sanskriti Kendra in Indian capital New Delhi, for a mapping exercise aimed at understanding how transport points served walkers and cyclists so that solutions could be found out to make walking and cycling in cities safer and comfortable. Hosted by Clean Air Asia with… Read More ›



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