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Mangalore: Signal free corridors leave pedestrians helpless

http://www.newskarnataka.com/exclusive/Signal-free-traffic-poses-problem-for-the-pedestrians/ The Mangalore Traffic Police’s experiment to make the city signal free has only benefited vehicle users, while the pedestrians helplessly wait several minutes, trying their best to cross busy roads safely. In addition, most of the drivers/motorists have no patience to make way for the people to cross the road. Moreover, some of the… Read More ›

Pedestrian and motorists get signs to watch out for each other in Singapore

http://www.stcars.sg/guides-articles/motoring-news/look-signs-get-pedestrians-to-keep-an-eye-out-for-traffic/a/121152 If you see a pair of eyes on the road, do not be alarmed. The new road markings, which spell out the word “look”, come courtesy of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to remind pedestrians at zebra crossings to look out for oncoming vehicles . The LTA said it will be progressively adding more of the… Read More ›



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