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Ghaziabad’s cycle rickshaws to be replaced with e-vehicles

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/noida/Ghaziabads-cycle-rickshaws-to-be-replaced-with-e-vehicles/articleshow/45985102.cms All registered cycle rickshaws will soon be replaced with electric rickshaws, under the free ‘e-rickshaw’ scheme of the state government. Some 407 registered rickshaw pullers of the district will benefit, officials said on Thursday. “It has been eight months since the state government issued an order to replace all registered cycle rickshaws in… Read More ›

Light a cycle and save a life

A voluntary campaign to save cyclists and rickshaw drivers from road accidents gain public support in the Indian city of Gurgaon On a cold and wintry morning in late February, Mehak Sanghera, 12, decided to step on to the street instead of following her brother into the nearby tennis training academy. Donning a reflective vest,… Read More ›

NMT Flavour for Indian Elections

A right to walk campaigner in India’s Andhra Pradesh state is fighting the elections to change the political agenda in favour of non-motorised transport Indian democracy’s most vivid symbol – the elections – will have a shade of NMT flavour this year. A campaigner for the right to walk has joined the fray in the… Read More ›



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