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Mumbai Municipal Corporation to improve pedestrian facilities

http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report-bmc-initiates-big-plan-for-better-footpaths-1974057 The BMC plans to take up works on about 1,000 major roads, to provide better facilities for pedestrian by focusing on design elements. A primary objective is to ensure that these facilities help particularly the disabled. Work has begun on Dinshaw Wacha Road in Churchgate. Mahapalika Road, the road connecting Churchgate and Nariman Point… Read More ›

Bamboo Cyclerickshaw: A Prized Design

With a roof made of straw and seat of smoothened bamboo, the cycle rickshaw plying on the campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi seems like a product straight out of a swanky designer’s stable. It is, almost. Designed and developed by the Centre for Rural Development and Technology (CRDT) of IIT, Delhi, the bamboo-made… Read More ›



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