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HK Geographer wins 2012 Young Researcher Award

CAI-Asia interviews Winnie W.Y. Lam, winner of the International Transport Forum’s Young Researcher of the Year Award 2012  for her paper on “Building a Seamless Transport System through Walking” Winnie W.Y. Lam received her B.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Geography from the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests focus on sustainable transport and include the areas of… Read More ›

Christopher DeWolf: Fight back, pedestrians!

By Christopher DeWolf Hong Kong should be the best place for foot traffic, except for the fact that it’s not… Being a pedestrian in Hong Kong should be heaven. We’ve got the world’s most efficient public transportation system. The densest concentration of 7-Elevens. Delicious deep-fried street food. Amazing neon signs that make you feel like you… Read More ›

Hongkong Pedestrian Escalator

Hong Kong  is dominated by steep, hilly terrain, which makes it the home of some rather unusual methods of transport up and down the slopes. Since the escalator system opened in Hongkong, most pedestrians gather at the elevated level to dine in newly-opened restaurants, boosting the business and economy of the country.



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