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GreenTalk: Indians fight for the right to walk, or bicycle

Millions more Indians travel by foot, bicycle and bus than travel by car, but you’d never guess it from the design of India’s cities or the allocation of government funds. A handful of interesting organizations are fighting for the rights of zero emitters, however. The Center for Science and Environment magazine Down To Earth reports… Read More ›

Car Free Sunday Streets in Ahmedabad, India

Car free Sunday streets in Ahmedabad – An unique initiative by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Ahmedabad Traffic Police to make streets more pedestrian friendly. The atmosphere was abuzz with lot of activities, street shopping, streets food, horse ride and people with friends and families enjoying the evening at streets free from cars. The Ahmedabad traffic… Read More ›

Improving Walkability in Indian Cities

Have you ever wondered how the pedestrian infrastructure in Pune can be compared with those in Chennai or Hong Kong or for that matter what actions needs to be taken in Surat to improve walkability? Such comparisons and proposed improvement measures, with some caveat, can be made by making some sample measurements across the cities… Read More ›



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