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UN-Habitat and CEN Launch ‘People Centric Mobility’ Campaign

Seminar on “People-friendly Cities” and Launching of “People-Centric Mobility” Campaign in Kathmandu 22 April 2012, Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu Nepal is the least urbanized but the most rapidly urbanizing country in South Asia and Kathmandu Valley with a population of over 2.5 million is its largest urban centre. Because of the rapid growth and the… Read More ›

About Walkability Asia

Improving walkability and pedestrian facilities is one of the less prioritized measures for sustainable urban transport by policymakers and development organizations. Clean Air Asia (formerly Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities) with support from various partners conducted walkability surveys in 27 Asian cities to better understand the state of walkability. The cities were Lanzhou, Hong Kong (China), Indore, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar,… Read More ›

Outdoor Air Pollution in Kathmandu Valley

by: Jeevana KC, Surya Man Maharjan, Samir KC Regular monitoring of air quality is imperative as the level of air pollution directly impacts population health. Findings from studies and reports from the past have revealed serious concerns regarding outdoor air quality in Kathmandu Valley. After six years in operation during 2002-2007, government managed fully functional… Read More ›



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