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People’s Action Sparks ‘Road-Sharing Movement’ in the Philippines: An interview with Antonio Oposa Jr.

Senior Attorney Antonio Oposa, Jr.  is Convenor of a  citizens-led road-sharing movement in the Philippines, which demands shared road space to enable safe walking and cycling. The movement espouses pro-poor and sustainable mobility options that equally benefit commuters, pedestrians and cyclists as much as private car users. Inspired by his leadership, representatives of the movement filed… Read More ›

Can Kathmandu kick the motorbike habit and become cycle friendly?

http://www.theguardian.com/cities/bike-blog/2014/apr/23/kathmandu-motorbike-habit-cycle-friendly-city-nepal-status Anil Shahi outside the Base Camp cafe in Kathmandu. He cycles the city’s quiet back alleys to avoid gridlocked streets – but many Nepalis still favour motorbikes On the underside of a pedestrian bridge on Kantipath, one of central Kathmandu’s busiest roads, there is a large hand-painted sign: “Get a bike – you’ll never… Read More ›

India’s Urban Road Design Poses Serious Risk to Pedestrians and Cyclists

The shocking incident, in which leading Indian environmental activist Sunita Narain was seriously injured after being hit by a car while cycling in New Delhi, has raised several questions about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the country. According to the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), a Delhi-based and highly respected public advocacy… Read More ›



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