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Cycle Rickshaws save almost a million liters of fuel in Punjab

http://navdeepasija.blogspot.in/2013/10/cycle-rickshaws-save-9-lakh-litres-of.html Originally in The Tribune, 18th October 2013, Page 6 While the West Bengal Government has earned the ire of environmentalists for banning bicycles and rickshaws on 174 roads, in Punjab the humble cycle rickshaw continues to save 9 lakh litres of fuel and 13,680 tonnes of fresh air every day. A common man’s transport mode,… Read More ›

Dial a Cycle Rickshaw

The Eco Cabs project of Punjab’s Fazilka town, which revolutionized non-motorised transport by helping commuters hail a rickshaw with a phone call, has now launched a Rapid Rickshaw Transit in Chandigarh and is planning an entry into New Delhi   In June 2008, the Fazilka town in India’s north-western state of Punjab began an experiment… Read More ›

Dial a Eco Cab Launched in Chandigarh

http://chandigarh.ecocabs.org/ On the occasion of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2013, we are delighted to launch the first phase of our “Chandigarh Ecocabs – Dial a Rickshaw” project. As per 2011 census, out of the total 228276 household in Chandigarh, 59975 households have cars but interestingly 142853 have mobile phones. Real time infrastructure is 3 times compared with private… Read More ›



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