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Outdoor Air Pollution in Kathmandu Valley

by: Jeevana KC, Surya Man Maharjan, Samir KC Regular monitoring of air quality is imperative as the level of air pollution directly impacts population health. Findings from studies and reports from the past have revealed serious concerns regarding outdoor air quality in Kathmandu Valley. After six years in operation during 2002-2007, government managed fully functional… Read More ›

Walkability Dissemination held in Pokhara

By: Amita Thapa Magar Clean Energy Nepal In coordination with Clean Air Network Nepal and Clean Energy Nepal,LI   BIRD organized a Walkability Dissemination program in Pokhara. The main objective of the program was to share the results of the Walkability survey which was conducted in September 2011. The program was organized in LI BIRD Office… Read More ›

The Streets in Kathmandu and Colombo


Results of the Pedestrian Facilities & Walkability Assessment conducted by Clean Air Initiatives for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) for Kathmandu (Nepal) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) by Fredskorpset Exchange Participants Charina Cabrido & Joy Amor Bailey



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