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People’s Action Sparks ‘Road-Sharing Movement’ in the Philippines: An interview with Antonio Oposa Jr.

Senior Attorney Antonio Oposa, Jr.  is Convenor of a  citizens-led road-sharing movement in the Philippines, which demands shared road space to enable safe walking and cycling. The movement espouses pro-poor and sustainable mobility options that equally benefit commuters, pedestrians and cyclists as much as private car users. Inspired by his leadership, representatives of the movement filed… Read More ›

Bangalore’s CBD roads to be pedestrian friendly

http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/bangalore/pedestrian-to-be-king-on-upgraded-cbd-roads/article5254689.ece?homepage=true 21 October, 2013, By Laiqh A Khan The seven Central Business District (CBD) roads of Bangalore that have been identified for upgradation under Tender SURE project will not only feature cycle lanes, but also accord “very high priority for pedestrians”. In the wake of the State Cabinet’s recent decision to upgrade the roads in… Read More ›

Relax Vancouver drivers you can handle another bike lane

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/commentary/relax-vancouver-drivers-you-can-handle-another-bike-lane/article13498165/ Why do bike lanes proposals create such reaction? From Wall Street Journal editorial writers to hundreds of Point Grey homeowners, the battles over bicycles have created unprecedented levels of passion. A ‘First-World’ problem, to be sure, but clearly something is going on – and it’s about more than just bicycles. It is, perhaps, a… Read More ›



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