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Towards Transforming Colombo to a ‘Walkable’ City: Policies and Strategies

by: Ranjith Dayaratne This paper examines the issue of facilitating walking in the city of Colombo and discusses the problems and potentials of transforming it to a pedestrian-friendly city as perceived by the people. Based on the findings of a user response study carried out in 2008, it outlines the major issues raised by the… Read More ›

Bi-directional pedestrian crossings in Sri Lanka

Colombo, like many emerging cities in Asia is plagued with the ills of overcrowding, ad-hoc developments and chaotic systems of travel and transport. Once considered one of the best cities in Asia, its walkable streetshave been inundated with obstructions to the pedestrians and Colombo has increasingly become a city inwhich walking is a hazardous activity…. Read More ›



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