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People’s Action Sparks ‘Road-Sharing Movement’ in the Philippines: An interview with Antonio Oposa Jr.

Senior Attorney Antonio Oposa, Jr.  is Convenor of a  citizens-led road-sharing movement in the Philippines, which demands shared road space to enable safe walking and cycling. The movement espouses pro-poor and sustainable mobility options that equally benefit commuters, pedestrians and cyclists as much as private car users. Inspired by his leadership, representatives of the movement filed… Read More ›

Flyovers and FOBs not sustainable in long term: MoUD

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/indore/FOB-and-flyovers-are-not-long-term-solution-to-public-transport-Lohia/articleshow/20679165.cms A day after the recommendation of the empowered committee of state legislative assembly for the construction of foot over bridge (FOB) on BRTS, a team from JNNURM and Union ministry of urban development on Wednesday downplay the idea of FOB at BRTS.SK Lohia, joint secretary of Union ministry of urban development termed FOB a… Read More ›

Tete-a-tete with Brij Sethi

In previous avatars Brij Sethi has evangelized sustainability and fostered significant innovation. He has worked in different senior capacities in the IT industry and is currently pursuing his interest in digital content. Clean Air Asia’s Sonali Chakravorty catches up with Brij for a chat. 1. India’s vehicular population is growing at a phenomenal pace, more than… Read More ›



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