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‘Green Archaeology’ Gets The Thumbs Up in India

A pioneering project in Kerala aims to make excavation sites into eco-friendly heritage zones by supplying cycles to researchers, residents and tourists. The coastal state of Kerala has launched a new initiative that will limit motor vehicles in archaeological sites, promote by the use of cycles and create alternate living practices. ‘Green Archaeology’, as the… Read More ›

Rickshaw pullers demand help from Tourism Department

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2013-02-09/madurai/37006767_1_cycle-rickshaws-rickshaw-pullers-foreign-tourists Cycle-rickshaw pullers, who face an existential crisis, want the tourism department to extend a helping hand to them so that they remain in the transport trade in Madurai, a popular destination for domestic and foreign travellers. the existence of rickshaws in Madurai, one of the traditionally and culturally old city. Though foreign tourists still… Read More ›



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