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India Heritage Walk Series: Fort Cochin

In the southern Indian state of Kerala, a heritage town with a continuous colonial history of seven centuries of Portuguese, Dutch and British rule, historians and tour guides come together to make understanding the town better through walking. According to historians, a devastating flood in 1341 wiped out the legendary port of Muziris, the hub… Read More ›

India Heritage Walk City Series: Kolkata

Popularly known as the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata is one of the greatest cities in the East with a confluence of cultures spanning centuries. However, with a combined population of over 14 million in the city and its suburbs, Kolkata has often been vilified for chaos, congestion and also pollution. In the midst of all… Read More ›

We express our love for the city through walking: A Delhi perspective

Walk tours in New Delhi attract a young generation that is rediscovering its backyards by walking through the city’s bylanes. In a warm morning late March this year, a group of young women and men assembled at the Mehrauli Archeological Park in New Delhi to begin a four-hour walk through the 200-acre area next to… Read More ›



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